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Below is a transcript of the video:

Here’s something I come across a lot that most dealers don’t know about, and that’s goodwill repairs. This is when a dealer sells a car to a customer and the customer calls the dealer up days later, a couple of weeks later, and says, “I’ve got this problem with the car. It shouldn’t be happening.” And the dealer decides, “this is worth it for me to just go ahead and fix rather than take the car back and give the customer their money back or refuse and risk a bad review from an unhappy customer.” They say, “you know what, this $50 fix, I’m just going to eat it, and I’m going to do it for the customer.”goodwill repairs

Most dealers don’t recognize that that creates a warranty. That just because the car is an as-is sale doesn’t mean that after-sale repairs are also as-is, unless the customer signs a disclosure form, notifying the customer and acknowledging that this goodwill repair by the dealer does not create any additional warranty. I have seen too many times cases come across my desk where a dealer makes a repair, thinks they really just done the nice thing for the customer, and it turns out that that repair either doesn’t take, doesn’t fix the problem, and now it’s a much more expensive problem or the repair itself fails. In that case, there is an implied warranty provided on that repair that is not disclosed by the as-is of the initial vehicle purchase. A goodwill repair must come with its own separate as-is disclaimer if the dealer intends for that repair to not be warranted.


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