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Abandoned motor vehicles is an area of legal practice that is incredibly complex and complicated based on Georgia law. That Georgia law changed significantly in September 2019. There are a number of requirements that must be followed by either a repair facility, a storage facility, or a tow yard in order to obtain legal ownership or a lien on the vehicle. Many dealers don’t even know what options they have when they receive an abandoned vehicle notice or what options they have if they never receive an abandoned vehicle notice.

At Lefkoff Law, we regularly consult with our clients and educate them on the abandoned vehicle requirements, both repossession, storage companies, and repair facilities as well as dealers. So we are very familiar with the abandoned vehicle process and the requirements that anyone looking to declare a vehicle abandoned must follow in order to do so.

Even one misstep could cause the claimant to lose their right to a lien on the vehicle. So if you are a dealer who is looking for options when someone’s trying to obtain possession of a vehicle, contact Lefkoff Law or if you are a repair facility, tow yard, or storage center looking to declare a vehicle abandoned, contact Lefkoff Law for more information on how to do that.