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Most motor vehicle dealers have their customers sign an arbitration agreement when purchasing a vehicle. In addition, all dealers agree to arbitration rules in auction purchases. These are very, very different arbitrations, but Lefkoff Law handles them both. In the event a consumer or a dealer elects to pursue arbitration or proceed with arbitration in a consumer manner, Lefkoff Law can step in and represent the dealership in that arbitration, whether that’s through the American Arbitration Association or some other arbitration governing body.

We regularly receive this question: “Should I go to arbitration for this case?” The answer is complex, fairly complicated, and depends on a number of factors, including that particular case as well as the circumstances of the parties since arbitration can often be an expensive endeavor. However, there are plenty of times where it makes a lot of sense to move forward in arbitration, and the attorneys at Lefkoff Law can guide you in making that decision.

Auctions call their dispute process arbitration, but it’s very different than a consumer arbitration matter, which would be an alternative to litigation. In auction arbitration, we oftentimes have to review the auction arbitration rules and determine whether a vehicle can be arbitrated and if so, what the end result should be or could be and how to move forward in that process. We have represented clients on both sides of auction arbitrations, whether as buyers at auction looking to arbitrate or as sellers at auction facing a buyer’s arbitration claim. If you are dealing with an auction arbitration matter, please contact Lefkoff Law today to evaluate your options whether you are the buyer or the seller.

Likewise, if you are involved in litigation and considering whether to invoke arbitration, please reach out to us for advice.