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The vast majority of used car dealer inventory comes from auction, so it’s very important that the dealer and the auction have a positive relationship. There are many auctions around the country and in the Southeast. At Lefkoff Law, we regularly handle dealer auction disputes, whether on behalf of the dealer or the auction.

We review auction arrangements and contracts as well as arbitration agreements specifically for dealer vehicle auctions. Vehicle auction arbitrations are oftentimes contract and document intensive and are date-dependent on when things happen and how they happen, so it is very important to have legal counsel that understands not only how the auction process works, but also how dealer auction arbitration works because it is different than standard American Arbitration Association or other civil or corporate arbitration works. In addition, we know how to read auction bills of sale as well as receipts and know what to look for when it comes to consumer complaints to the dealer regarding things like frame damage and other disclosures. It is oftentimes very important to review the auction disclosure when analyzing a consumer case.

If you have a matter that involves an auction, whether it is a consumer case that needs auction information or you are a manager or owner of an auction or a dealership, please contact Lefkoff Law today for help with your auction matter.