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When dealers open their dealership, one of the last things they think about is insurance. How much to get, how much to pay, what is covered, what is excluded, et cetera.

In that regard, we’re talking about the insurance for the dealership: garage policies, umbrella policies, and other policies relating to the dealership.

Those policies generally cover things like theft or damage to vehicles, and it’s important to have an insurance policy for damage to the premises. Every so often we come across the case where an accident outside of the dealership causes damage to the dealership. Another insurance arena we regularly compete in is for consumer insurance, where customers are required to maintain insurance to ensure that the security interest is protected. If the customer fails to maintain insurance, we counsel clients on what to do. We also regularly interact with the insurance companies to fight for clients who are receiving improper denials on property claims from the insurance provider.

If you are dealing with an insurance matter, whether it is reviewing your policy to determine coverages and exclusions, or are dealing with an insurance provider that is denying a claim that you believe should be accepted, please contact Lefkoff Law today.