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Unfortunately, most businesses in the motor vehicle space eventually end up in some form of litigation, whether that’s small claims in Magistrate court, larger claims in state or superior court, or even federal court claims litigation may be inevitable.

Sometimes dealers litigate cases as plaintiffs where they are suing customers, other businesses, or vendors. Other times it is the dealer being sued by a customer, another business, or vendor. Regardless, Lefkoff Law can help. We defend clients in all forms of litigation, in small claims, state or superior court, or even federal court, and also pursue cases in those same courts, all on behalf of our dealer clients.

We regularly represent our clients in counties all throughout Georgia, but most often those in Metro Atlanta.

Not only do we provide full representation in litigation matters, but we also coach clients, including business owners and full time employees, to represent the companies in small claims court themselves without needing an attorney. Small claims court is the only court in Georgia for civil cases where a business can be self-represented, meaning they don’t need to have an attorney present. That oftentimes saves our clients a lot of money and ends in the same result – with a victory.

If more counseling is needed, if more legal counsel is needed, we are there. We can take these matters off your hands and handle them from start to finish. From the filing of the complaint, even through appeal, and everything in between. Not only do we handle the trial court cases in state, superior, and federal court, but we also handle appeals of those cases, whether to the Georgia Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

These cases are lengthy processes. No case in Georgia is resolved in 30 days or less, except for particular abandoned vehicle and property claims in any cases that are settled. So if you are facing a litigation matter, you can expect it to take a number of months, even longer if it is state or superior court as those cases have lengthy discovery processes. In discovery, we may end up just dealing with written discovery but could also be involved in depositions and even vehicle inspections.

It is important to hire an attorney with experience in this industry because there are particular nuances when it comes to such things as the Fair Business Practices Act, the Truth in Lending Act, the FTC Holder Rule, and other state and federal laws specifically dealing with vehicles. Having an inexperienced attorney handle your motor vehicle litigation case could be the difference between a win and a loss.

To discuss your litigation matter, please contact Lefkoff Law today.