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Repossession can sometimes be the Wild West of the law when it comes to automobiles and automotive law, but it shouldn’t be. Repossession is also heavily regulated, and we often see cases involving wrongful repossession. At Lefkoff Law, we represent dealers, finance companies, and repossession agents in repossession cases and counsel those clients on the rules, regulations, and laws regarding repossession. That includes how and when to do it, the proper methods, and the rights of repo agents, finance companies, and dealers to order repossession.

We also review contracts between repossession companies and lienholders to ensure that the lienholder is protected in those arrangements if we’re operating on behalf of the lienholder, and to ensure that the repossession company is getting its end of the bargain if we represent the repo company. If you are a repossession company or a lienholder that irregularly repossesses vehicles, contact Lefkoff Law to learn about that process and to address any issues you have in the repossession process or if you are facing a claim from a consumer for wrongful repossession.