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When consumers think of dealers, they normally think of salespeople, and the reputation that comes along with dealer salespeople is sometimes well earned.

At Lefkoff Law, however, we work hard to change that reputation by educating dealers and their salespeople on Georgia Law as it relates to sales and motor vehicles. We regularly draft contracts that are legally compliant for consumer transactions. We review consumer deals and deal jackets, and we handle consumer complaints. We also audit sales practices and the entire sales process for our dealers.

Finally, we train salespeople on the laws of Georgia as it relates to the sale of motor vehicles.

Vehicle sales can be dangerous, dealer owners don’t know what salespeople are saying about vehicles, what representations they’re making, and what deals they’re agreeing to. It is important to properly train your employees and your salespeople on how and what to say and what they’re allowed to disclose or what they should disclose in the vehicle sale process.

In addition, we also counsel clients on incentives, sweepstakes programs, advertisements, and other things that dealers can use to increase their sales. If you need advice or are looking for counsel regarding your sales practices or any consumer complaints relating to sales, give Lefkoff Law a call today or visit