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You have no idea how many lot audits we do that reveal issues with Buyers Guides. Watch this video to learn about those issues and prevent them.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Now, how about those Buyer’s Guides? Those are federally mandated documents, recently updated within the last couple of years.

Buyers Guide

It says Buyer’s Guide at the top, “as-is no dealer warranty” or “comes with a warranty” and some other information. Then, of course, on the backside of the Buyer’s Guide is all the things, the parts and pieces of the car, that may or may not be warranted. The Buyer’s Guide must be on the window of the vehicle. If it’s in the chair or in a seat, that’s not good enough. If it’s in a trunk, it’s definitely not good enough.

The Buyer’s Guide should be affixed to the window of the vehicle. It’s the easiest violation that an auditor/inspector will find. Why? Because it’s real simple. Inspectors don’t have to go into the office. They don’t have to review computers. They don’t have to review any paperwork. Literally, by stopping on the dealer’s lot or even from the street driving by, they can see if there’s a Buyer’s Guide missing on a vehicle and if there is a Buyer’s Guide missing on a vehicle and that vehicle is not marked, Not For Sale, then that can be a violation for which they will assess a fine against the dealer.


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Buyers Guide