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VIDEO: Penalties – Georgia Car Law Authority

FBPA penalties are serious. In this video, we talk about the penalties for a violation of the FBPA. If you think “the car isn’t worth that much, they can’t possibly get that much,” you may very well be wrong.  Below is a transcript of the video: Let’s talk about penalties under the Fair Business […]

VIDEO: Notice of Government Investigations – Georgia Car Law Authority

What can the government do? Investigate and penalize. One of the last things you may think about when running your business, and likely your biggest surprise, is receiving a notice of investigation from the government. The State and Federal governments regularly open investigations or motor vehicle businesses for compliance and consumer violations. These are not […]

NEWS NUGGET – Carvana Buying Back Vehicles After Failing to Transfer Titles

  A Tampa, Florida investigative reporter at Tampa’s NBC affiliate, WFLA, just put out a report on Carvana struggling to timely transfer titles to their buyers in Florida. In the article and video report, Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken talks with Carvana buyers who have been unable to get titles from Carvana for the cars they […]

VIDEO: CE Requirements – Georgia Car Law Authority

Continuing education. You have to do it. Simply getting your license isn’t enough. Did you know that in order to renew your license, you have to complete CE courses? In this video, we discuss the CE requirements so that you can continue running your business. Below is a transcript of the video: Dealer licenses expire […]

VIDEO: The Corporate Veil – Georgia Car Law Authority

Documents aren’t enough. Operate the right way. When operating your business, it is critically important that you separate business activities from personal activities. In the video below, we discuss how to do that and why it is so important. Don’t make the mistake of using business resources for your personal benefit. Below is a transcript […]