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As-Is – Case Study – Georgia Car Law Authority

Now that you know some of the limitations of an as-is agreement, watch this video for a real-world example of how it impacted a dealer we represented.  Below is a transcript of the video: Here’s a good example of an as-is issue that I have seen in the past. We’re going to talk about […]

As-Is – Georgia Car Law Authority

At our law firm, we know that face. The one our clients give us when we drop the hammer and tell them that the as-is documents signed by the customer aren’t helpful when the customer sues them. In some limited situations, “as is” is not a legal defense. Watch this video for a further explanation. […]

Buyers Guide – Georgia Car Law Authority

You have no idea how many lot audits we do that reveal issues with Buyers Guides. Watch this video to learn about those issues and prevent them.  Below is a transcript of the video: Now, how about those Buyer’s Guides? Those are federally mandated documents, recently updated within the last couple of years. It […]

Vehicles Not For Sale – Georgia Car Law Authority

All cars not for sale must be labeled as such. These may be vehicles that need repair, were recently repossessed, or are loner vehicles. Regardless of the reason, any vehicle on your lot that is not for sale must have a tag or sign indicating that it is not for sale. This video provides more […]

Visitor Parking – Georgia Car Law Authority

Now we’re moving on to the information most of our clients request first – the laws and regulations involving sales of vehicles to customers. But before a car can be sold to a customer, the customer will likely want to come to your lot to check it out. Did you know that there are regulations […]