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Did you know there are regulations for visitor parking? You read that right. Something as simple as visitor parking has guidelines auto dealerships must follow. In this article, we’ll discuss what those regulations are and why they exist. 

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Visitor Parking Signage Requirements

When people think of car dealers they often imagine a dealer interacting with a customer to make a sale. Before such a sale can even begin, there are several elements car dealers need to prepare. One of those things is signage and ensuring it abides by all legal regulations involved in consumer vehicle sales.

One issue with signage we’ve seen again and again is the lack of labeled visitor parking spaces. State regulations require dealers to provide visitor parking spaces and as such, they must be labeled clearly. Not only is this to benefit visitors, but it is also related to capacity and safety. Too often we see dealers that have their lot chock full of cars for sale in every possible space such that visitors don’t have a designated area where they can park. This is against the law and violates state regulations. If a state auditor sees this, a dealer could face a fine.

What Dealers Should Do About Visitor Parking

Dealers should have multiple parking spaces open all the time for customers and they should be clearly labeled. Doing this avoids auditor fines and gives dealers peace of mind. Fines and regulations aside, clearly labeled visitor parking largely benefits dealers as it makes a customer’s experience with the dealership more seamless and convenient.

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