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Actual and Apparent Authority – Georgia Car Law Authority

It’s really important that a dealer’s employees’ roles are defined, what they’re allowed to do is defined, and that the dealer is making sure that the employee is not doing things or representing to a customer that the employee can do more than the employee can actually do. Watch this video to learn more about […]

Merger Clause – Georgia Car Law Authority

The purpose of a merger clause is to protect a dealer, or the contracting party, from any claims later that the customer relied on representations outside of the agreement. You should have a merger clause in your standard sales agreement. There are certain requirements or certain suggestions that need to be contained in each merger […]

Independent Inspections – Georgia Car Law Authority

Some customers, when they come into a dealership to take a look at a car, will ask to have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic. While the dealer does have the option to reject that request, it’s generally a good practice to allow customers that ask for it to have the vehicle inspected. Watch […]

Test Drive Agreement – Georgia Car Law Authority

Another agreement relating to driving a vehicle that a dealer should have is a test drive agreement. That is used when a customer wants to test drive a vehicle. Watch this video to learn about what needs to be in a test drive agreement and why it is important to protect yourself.    Below […]