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Independent Car Inspections in Georgia

What is an independent inspection and why it is generally a good practice to allow customers to have one done? Customers may ask to have a vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic.

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What is an Independent Inspection?

Some customers might ask for an allowance for the vehicle to be inspected by an independent mechanic. Georgia law does not require a dealer to authorize independent inspections, but it’s generally a good practice. Think about it– if a customer says “I like this car. I want to buy it. I want to get it inspected by a mechanic who’s independent, so I can trust that it checks out.” And the dealer says, “No, we’re not going to let you do that.” How likely is it that the customer will actually end up buying the car?

More often than not, this is a red flag for the customer and gives the sense that they cannot trust the dealership; therefore, they end up saying something like, “Well, forget it. The dealer must be hiding something.” So while the dealer does have the option to reject that request, it’s generally a good practice to allow customers that ask for it to have the vehicle inspected.

Independent Inspection & Due Diligence

Independent inspections also relate to due diligence. If the customer performs all of that due diligence and something isn’t discovered but it’s later found in the vehicle, it’s even less likely that the customer would have a claim against the dealer. This is because it’s even easier for the dealer to say, look, “There’s no way we could have or would have known about that issue.”

If the customer goes to get a car inspected and the inspection comes back clean, or better yet, the inspection discloses something and the customer buys the car anyway, then the “as-is” terms of the contract become even more enforceable against the customer. So while it’s not required to allow a customer to get a vehicle inspected, it is generally a good practice to allow that to happen.

How We Can Help

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