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VIDEO: The Corporate Veil – Georgia Car Law Authority

Documents aren’t enough. Operate the right way. When operating your business, it is critically important that you separate business activities from personal activities. In the video below, we discuss how to do that and why it is so important. Don’t make the mistake of using business resources for your personal benefit. Below is a transcript […]

VIDEO: Operating Agreement and Corporate Documents – Georgia Car Law Authority

Your business exists but is it protected? How do you protect yourself and your business from liability? The first step is to make sure you have proper corporate documentation. Without it, you could be subject to personal liability. That’s really bad. Check out this video for more information. Below is a transcript of the video: […]

VIDEO: Trade Names (“d/b/a”) – Georgia Car Law Authority

Not a registered entity? How about a trade name. Let’s say your business is not one of the entities mentioned in the last video. Are you a trade name? A d/b/a? Do you even know what that means? Find out more by watching the video below. Below is a transcript of the video: Next, we’re […]