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Did you know that the use of dealer tags is governed by Georgia law? Did you know that there are lots of restrictions on the use of those tags? Watch this video to learn more about the acceptable uses for dealer tags and the most common mistake we see dealers make with their tags.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Let’s talk about another interesting thing that we come across with consumers, and that’s the use of dealer tags. There are certain timeline and deadline requirements for the title transfer to take place, and in the meantime, of course, the customer gets a temporary tag that has an expiration date on it that they affix to the back of the car. When that temporary tag expires, sometimes the dealer can get an extension and print a second temporary tag. There are issues there. It’s ripe with problems, fraud, and other issues but that’s a case-by-case problem. Too often I see where the temporary tag cannot be tags

The dealer just says, “here, take a dealer tag and use it because it’ll spare you from any problems until we can get the title transferred.” This happens because the dealer doesn’t want to take the car back, doesn’t want an unhappy customer, and doesn’t want to deal with potential ramifications. Well, I have news for those dealers: that creates more trouble. Georgia law has very specific requirements on when a dealer tag can be used and the answer is never by a consumer. Dealer tags are for dealers to use for dealer business: taking a car to get emissions, taking a car to get repaired, for those kinds of activities. It is not for a customer to use while they wait for their title or wait for their tag. That is not a proper use of a dealer tag and if a dealer is caught doing that, they could face some fines for violating the law.


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