Georgia – The Largest Used Car Market in the Country

Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a news article about the port of Savannah and its immense growth, setting another fiscal record.

What a lot of Georgia (and national) residents don’t realize is that the State of Georgia is one of the largest used car markets in the United States. I was involved in a case a few years ago where I had to contact in-house counsel for the world’s largest auto auction. During the call, the attorney asked me, “Why is Georgia the largest market we have in the United States? It is larger than the Northeast, larger than Texas, larger than California. Why?”

The answer is fairly simple – the port of Savannah. From Savannah, vehicles and many other items are shipped overseas to Africa and Europe. As a result, more vehicles are purchased in Georgia through that auction than anywhere else in America (at least according to that in-house attorney).

Since the market for the auction is so large here, Georgia dealers are fortunate to have such an immense supply available to them through our local auctions. Not only is the international market so interested in purchasing from Georgia, but, due in large part to the driving nature of Atlanta and the fact that there is no body of water limiting Atlanta’s growth in any direction, Atlanta residents often need a vehicle. They have little alternative.

Not only is the port of Savannah driving used car business to Georgia, but so is the necessity to own a vehicle in Atlanta. That’s why the Georgia Independent Auto Dealers’ Association is the largest independent auto dealer association in the Country, and why this State’s market is the largest for the used car auction.