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The American automotive landscape is constantly evolving, especially as industry trends, technology, and preferences shift across the country. While the entire country has experienced a spike in used car sales, Gerogia has garnered significant attention in its emergence as one of the largest used car markets in the United States. Over the years, Georgia has established itself as a hub for the sale and purchase of pre-owned vehicles.

A few years back, Lefkoff Law was involved in a case where we had to contact in-house counsel for the world’s largest auto auction. During the call, the attorney asked me, “Why is Georgia one of the largest used car markets in the United States? It is larger than the Northeast, larger than Texas, and larger than California. Why?”

Why is Georgia a Prime Location for Used Car Sales?

Nestled in the southeastern region of the United States, Georgia’s prime geographic location has played a pivotal role in its rise as a major used car market. While their geographic advantage is one of the main reasons for the state’s booming used auto industry, it is the port of Savannah that deserves credit. From Savannah, vehicles and many other items are shipped overseas to Africa and Europe. As a result, more vehicles are purchased in Georgia through that auction than anywhere else in America (at least according to that in-house attorney).

Since the auction market is so large in Georgia, auto dealers are fortunate to have such an immense supply available to them through local auctions. Not only is the international market interested in purchasing from Georgia, but, due in large part to the driving nature of Atlanta and the fact that there is no body of water limiting Atlanta’s growth in any direction, its residents often need vehicles. Consumer need coupled with Georgia’s port access, have helped build a thriving used car industry and culture across the state. This is also why the Georgia Independent Auto Dealers Association is the largest independent auto dealer association in the Country, and why this State’s market is the largest for used car auctions.

Opening a Used Car Dealership in Georgia

Georgia’s thriving used car market makes owning a used car dealership ever more attractive, and rightfully so. There is plenty of opportunity here to build a successful used car dealership. If you are considering building your own, we suggest proactively speaking with a trustworthy attorney to help you navigate the legal side of this niche industry. At Lefkoff, we have over 7 years of experience working exclusively with used car dealers and would love to chat with you!

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