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There are a bunch of different things that dealers can do to get ahead of the game but in this video, we are focusing on sweepstakes and how to make sure they are legal and true.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Here’s a fun one. Dealers are always looking to get ahead of one another, and so some like to offer sweepstakes. “Come take a test drive and you get a free $50 Amazon gift card!” “Spin the wheel and you might win a $1,000 off your down payment!”Sweepstakes

There are a whole host of different things that dealers can do to get ahead of the game. Here’s the thing about a sweepstakes, though. There are a lot of hoops, lots and lots and lots of hoops when it comes to sweepstakes in Georgia.

The one thing to really remember is that there is no purchase required to enter. It’s really important that a dealer does not require a consumer to actually purchase anything in order to enter the sweepstakes. A true sweepstakes, a legal true sweepstakes in Georgia, allows anybody to enter with or without a purchase. That is really, really important.



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