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All cars not for sale must be labeled as such. These may be vehicles that need repair, were recently repossessed, or are loner vehicles. Regardless of the reason, any vehicle on your lot that is not for sale must have a tag or sign indicating that it is not for sale. This video provides more detail on this topic.

Below is a transcript of the video:

The next mistake I see dealers make all the time is not designating which cars are NOT for sale. So

Vehicles Not For Sale

metimes a car will have just been taken off of the transport from the auction and it’s not been cleaned up or fixed up. It’s not ready for sale. Because of that, a Buyer’s Guide is not in the window. However, if it’s not marked as Not For Sale, if there’s no signage on the vehicle indicating that that vehicle is  not for sale and it’s missing a Buyer’s Guide, then it could be fine-worthy. It could be a violation that a state auditor would assess or fine that a state auditor would assess against a dealer. So it’s important to keep a Not For Sale sign on all vehicles that are not for sale.


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Vehicles Not For Sale