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Now we’re moving on to the information most of our clients request first – the laws and regulations involving sales of vehicles to customers. But before a car can be sold to a customer, the customer will likely want to come to your lot to check it out. Did you know that there are regulations for customer parking? There are. Check out this video for an explanation of the customer parking regulations.


Below is a transcript of the video:

Now we’re going to talk about sales and consumer interactions, that’s interactions with the customer. This is what most people think of when they think of car dealers. First, we’re going to talk about signage and regulations involved in the sale of a consumer vehicle, the vehicle to a customer.

Visitor ParkingThe first thing I’ve commonly seen in practice when auditing client lots and lots and when dealing with the state auditing dealer lots is no visitor parking spaces. The state regulations require that dealers provide visitor parking spaces. Too often we see dealers that have lost their chock full of cars and there are For Sale cars in every possible space such that visitors don’t have a designated area where they can park.

That’s against the law. The state regulations require that visitors have ample parking space on the dealer lots. Dealers must have spaces designated for visitors.


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Visitor Parking