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VIDEO: Credit Turn-Down Notice – Georgia Car Law Authority

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If you run credit, you have additional requirements (lucky you). One of those is to notify a customer if they have been turned down and why.

Watch this video for more info.

Below is a transcript of the video:

credit turn-down notice

For those dealers that check credit and turn customers down based on credit, the law requires them to send something called a credit turn-down notice, or at least that’s what I call it. Basically, it’s a simple letter that notifies the customer that they have been turned down due to their credit.

There are certain requirements in the notice, but that is something that a dealer must do if they are being turned down for credit. Things get a little complicated if the credit turn-down notice is coming from an independent or outside finance company versus the dealer.

The point is, and the important point to note is that the customer must receive a credit turndown notice if they are denied credit.


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