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VIDEO: Role of Government Entities – Georgia Car Law Authority

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WOAH! That’s a lot of government authorities!

In this video, we discuss the most common government entities that you may see or run into in operating a motor vehicle business. Those include federal entities like the FTC and the CFPB and State authorities like the GA Department of Revenue, the Governor’s Office for Consumer Protection, the Clean Air Force, and others.

Watch this video so you are not surprised when you come across one of these entities.

Below is a transcript of the video:

I’m going to quickly go through a number of government entities and briefly explain what their role in dealing with dealers is and the dealers’ role in dealing with them. The first is the FTC, the Fair Trade Commission, which is the federal entity that regulates dealers from the federal government side.

The CFPB is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That’s another federal government entity that oversees the money part of a dealer dealing with finance and specifically with consumer finance

Next is the Georgia Department of Revenue. They’re the ones that take in the tax money, they deal with titles, certificates of titles, issuance of titles, and that kind of stuff.

Then there’s the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection. That is a Georgia entity that oversees consumer transactions. Where you have violations of the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act (we’ll get into that in a future

Role of Government Entities

video) those are investigated by the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection which is run by the Georgia Secretary of State.

Then there’s the State Board of Used Motor Vehicles, which we’ve discussed previously, that is in Macon.

They are the state authority that issues licenses to motor vehicle dealers, audits motor vehicle dealers, issues fines to dealers, and that kind of stuff.

The Clean Air Force is the state organization that governs emissions. Those are

required in certain counties of Georgia and in other counties, they’re not required, but that is all done by the Clean Air Force.

Finally, this is a little bonus because it’s a non-government entity that a lot of people think is the government and that’s the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is a consumer watchdog organization that allows consumers to make complaints regarding different businesses. Dealers will be on the BBB and they get complaints from customers and have the opportunity to respond to those complaints.

Just to recap, we’ve got FTC, CFPB, the Department of Revenue (DOR), the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), the State Board of Used Motor Vehicles, the Clean Air Force, and the BBB.

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Role of Government Entities

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