Independent Inspections – Georgia Car Law Authority

Some customers, when they come into a dealership to take a look at a car, will ask to have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic. While the dealer does have the option to reject that request, it’s generally a good practice to allow customers that ask for it to have the vehicle inspected. Watch […]

Test Drive Agreement – Georgia Car Law Authority

Another agreement relating to driving a vehicle that a dealer should have is a test drive agreement. That is used when a customer wants to test drive a vehicle. Watch this video to learn about what needs to be in a test drive agreement and why it is important to protect yourself.    Below […]

Loaner Agreements – Georgia Car Law Authority

Let’s say you’re doing a repair for a customer and decide to give the customer a loaner. That loaner must be governed by a contract. The dealer should have the customer agree to a loaner agreement for that vehicle. Watch this video to learn about what needs to be in a loaner agreement and more […]

Dealer Tags – Georgia Car Law Authority

Did you know that the use of dealer tags is governed by Georgia law? Did you know that there are lots of restrictions on the use of those tags? Watch this video to learn more about the acceptable uses for dealer tags and the most common mistake we see dealers make with their tags.  […]

Goodwill Repairs – Georgia Car Law Authority

DON’T MAKE POST-SALE REPAIRS TO CARS WITHOUT WATCHING THIS VIDEO FIRST.  Below is a transcript of the video: Here’s something I come across a lot that most dealers don’t know about, and that’s goodwill repairs. This is when a dealer sells a car to a customer and the customer calls the dealer up days […]

Vehicle History Reports – Georgia Car Law Authority

Dealers and customers regularly rely on CarFax and Autocheck when evaluating the purchase and sale of a car. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen customers allege that a dealer told them the car wasn’t in an accident when in fact it was. Where does the dealer get this information? Third-party vehicle history […]

Pricing – Cash vs. Credit – Georgia Car Law Authority

Customer A wants to buy a car for cash. Customer B wants to buy the same car on credit. How much are you charging each customer for the car? The same amount. Changing prices depending on whether the customer is buying with cash or credit is illegal price discrimination. Watch this video for further explanation. […]

As-Is – Case Study – Georgia Car Law Authority

Now that you know some of the limitations of an as-is agreement, watch this video for a real-world example of how it impacted a dealer we represented.  Below is a transcript of the video: Here’s a good example of an as-is issue that I have seen in the past. We’re going to talk about […]

As-Is – Georgia Car Law Authority

At our law firm, we know that face. The one our clients give us when we drop the hammer and tell them that the as-is documents signed by the customer aren’t helpful when the customer sues them. In some limited situations, “as is” is not a legal defense. Watch this video for a further explanation. […]