VIDEO: Repossession – Georgia Car Law Authority

How does the Floor Plan enforce its interests? REPO! Repossession is not limited to consumers who default on their car notes. It also happens when dealers default on their Floor Plan obligations. Don’t be the victim of a Floor Plan Repossession. Learn more below.  Below is a transcript of the video: When we think […]

VIDEO: Using Your Bank for Floor Plan – Georgia Car Law Authority

Feeling stuck with a big, nasty, abusive Floor Plan provider? Think there’s no better option? Think again! Your best option for financing may be your local bank. In this video, we explain why.  Below is a transcript of the video: In an earlier video, I was talking about the sources of floor plan financing […]

VIDEO: Security Interests – Georgia Car Law Authority

Did you know that there is an entire area of law focused solely on something called Security Interests? Most people don’t and I can’t blame them. It is dry and extremely complicated. Watch this two-minute video to get the basic gist of what Security Interests are and why they’re important.  Below is a transcript […]

VIDEO: Be Careful – Georgia Car Law Authority

Be very careful when obtaining Floor Plan Financing. Sometimes it is a necessary evil. We can’t tell you how many times we have come across cases where the dealer has fallen behind on their payment obligations and it has caused big problems in the dealership. Watch this brief video to learn more.  Below is […]